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Table 3 Example classes validated by experts

From: A neural classification method for supporting the creation of BioVerbNet

Index Subclass name Example members New candidates
1.1.2 Suppress suppress, repress downregulate, transactivate
7.1.0 Collect harvest, select, collect decide, pick, cultivate, procure, gather, choose, transfuse, prioritize, obtain
13.1.0 Encompass encompass, possess, comprise, bear, span, harbor overlie, display, hold, exhibit, cover, infest, belong, range
14.0.0 Call call, name, designate qualify, regard, rename, mention, request
1.4.0 Modify modify, catalyze hydroxylate, hydrolyze, methylate, deaminate, esterify, oxidize, detoxify, metabolize
4.1.3 Label stain, label, immunoblot, probe, fix supershift, assay, immunostain, tag, immunolabel, clone, postfix, digest, clamp, counterstain, buffer, electroblot, fluoresce, radiolabel, blot
11.0.0 Release release, detach, excise, dissociate reinsert, retract, disassemble, deacylate, extrude, remove, depolymerize, mobilize, lose, resect, separate
10.1.3 Conduct perform, conduct execute, undertake