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Table 4 Instrument scores found in clinical document set and the scoring criteria, which allow the NLP system to use the scores to determine indication of frailty

From: Development of a cardiac-centered frailty ontology

Instrument Name Scoring Criteria
Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Screen 18 patient independent
6 patient very independent
Functional Independence Measure (FIM) 7-complete independence;
6-modified independence;
5-Supervision or step-up;
4-Minimal Contact Assistance;
3-Moderate Assistance;
2-Maximal Assistance;
1-Total Assistance
Katz index ADL Score of 6 = High, Patient is independent.
Score of 0 = Low, patient is very dependent.
Barthel index ADL: 70–100 = Independent;
Less than 70 = Needs significant physical/supervisory assistance.
Instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) 2 = without assistance,
1 = with assistance,
0 = unable
Instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) scale (Lawton) / IADL Screen The total score may range from 0 to 8.
A lower score indicates a higher level of dependence.
Functional Activity Questionnaire (FAQ) Score of 5 or more indicates significant impairment in instrumental activities of daily living.
Morse fall scale / Annual Fall Scale / MRT > = 45: high fall risk
25–44: moderate risk
0–24: low risk
Tinetti assessment measures Maximum possible balance score: 16 points.
Maximum possible gait score: 12 points.
Maximum total score: 28 points. -Scores below 19 indicate high risk for falls.
Scores in the 19–24 range indicate some risk for falls.
Braden scale Pressure Ulcer Risk:
total score < =9 very high risk
total score 10–12 high risk
total score 13–14 moderate risk
total score 15–18 mild risk
total score 19–23 no risk