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Table 2 Information available in CPRD primary care data (coded data and free text) for a random sample of 2000 patients with myocardial infarction in the linked CALIBER dataset

From: Natural language processing for disease phenotyping in UK primary care records for research: a pilot study in myocardial infarction and death

Data elementStructured data onlyStructured or free text% increase by using free text
Within 90 days before or after MI:
 Pulse rate323(16.2%)634(31.7%)96%
 Blood pressure1557(77.9%)1609(80.5%)3%
 Left ventricular function result115(5.8%)309(15.5%)169%
 Coronary angiogram results26(1.3%)198(9.9%)662%
 Irregular pulse2(0.1%)6(0.3%)200%
 Atrial fibrillation or flutter121(6.0%)153(7.6%)26%
Chest pain ≤7 days before MI378(18.9%)543(27.2%)44%
Chest pain ≤90 days before MI455(22.8%)642(32.1%)41%
Shortness of breath ≤7 days before MI62(3.1%)102(5.1%)65%
Shortness of breath ≤90 days before MI125(6.3%)196(9.8%)57%