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Table 3 Sample of manually analyzed disease terms predicted as infectious disease

From: Combining lexical and context features for automatic ontology extension

Disease termsOntology class assigned by ANNManual analysis resultSuggested additional classificationDOIDExplanation
Pelizaeus-Merzbacher diseaseViral infectious diseaseNon-infectious (inherited disorder)---
Kaposi’s sarcomaViral infectious diseaseViral infectious diseaseherpes simplexDOID:8566The disease is caused by Human herpesvirus 8 which is Herpesviridae infection.
maxillary sinusitisBacterial infectious diseaseBacterial infectious disease (usually start viral and progress to either bacterial or fungal)--It is an infection in the maxillary sinuses which could be due to different etiology, one of them is bacterial [47].
keratosis follicularisBacterial infectious diseaseNon-infectious (genetic disease)---
chronic rheumatic pericarditisViral infectious diseaseThe condition is triggered by autoimmune reaction to infection, mainly group A streptococci.---
gastroparesisViral infectious diseaseIn most cases the nerve is damaged by diabetes or surgery, however, a viral infection might be a cause--A condition in which the stomach suffers from paresis that affects the food movement to the small intestine [48, 49].
osmotic diarrheaBacterial infectious diseasesymptom---
familial cold autoinflammatory syndromeViral infectious diseaseNon-infectious (inherited disease)---
angular cheilitisFungal infectious diseaseEtiology is controversial, most commonly fungal or bacterial.--Ambiguous.
Binder syndromeViral infectious diseaseCongenital disease---
hypohidrosisBacterial infectious diseaseMulti-causal---
Sjogren’s syndromeViral infectious diseaseautoimmune disease---
median rhomboid glossitisFungal infectious diseaseEtiology is controversial, however it is considered as a variant of orallesion associated with candida infection [50].--Ambiguous.
Goodpasture syndromeViral infectious diseaseautoimmune disease---
syphilitic meningitisBacterial infectious diseaseBacterial infectious diseasesyphilisDOID:4166Considering the same concept of etiology, both diseases are caused by bacterial infection (Treponema pallidum).
acute diarrheaViral infectious diseasesymptom---
WHIM syndromeBacterial infectious diseaseCongenital disease---
erythrasmaFungal infectious diseaseBacterial infection disease---
chronic wasting diseaseParasitic infectious diseaseNeurodegenerative disorder---
scarlet feverBacterial infectious diseaseBacterial infectious diseaserheumatic feverDOID:1586The disease is caused by Group A bacteria of the genus Streptococcus, same causative agent for Rheumatic fever.
  1. The terms in bold represent the correctly validated terms (by a clinician) that classified as infectious diseases terms using our method (in Infectious disease classification experiment).