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Table 2 Automated time expression normalization results on the two EHR corpora (First referral and Early intervention)

From: Temporal information extraction from mental health records to identify duration of untreated psychosis

CorpusBatchReference standardTPsSystem1 (value acc)System2 (value acc)
First referraldev7686860.770.86
First referralvalid125411150.760.80
First referraltest9278280.660.71
Early interventionbatchA3002720.760.86
Early interventionbatchB6005560.820.86
  1. Automated time expression extraction results (normalized values) on the two EHR corpora (First referral and Early intervention), divided into development (dev), validation (valid) and test sets, and batches (batchA and batchB), respectively. Accuracy values are reported on overlapping annotations (TPs) for both the first system (System1) and its refined version (System2)