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Table 3 Most common experienced side effects for each user cluster ci (i=1 to 7)

From: Neural side effect discovery from user credibility and experience-assessed online health discussions

Cluster Most common experienced side effects
c1 vision blurred, yellow skin, vision double, yellow eye, nose stuffy
c2 headache, itch, stomach pain, weak, nausea
c3 itch, irritate, headache, pain abdominal, stomach cramp
c4 bad taste, nausea, tiredness, irritate, mouth ulcer
c5 skin red, itch, rash skin, skin peeling, burning skin
c6 sneezing, nose runny, nose stuffy, decrease sexual desire, pain breast
c7 nausea, stomach pain, vomit, diarrhea, pain abdominal
  1. The left column lists the names of 7 clusters, and the right column describes the most common experienced side effects of users in each cluster