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Table 4 Data properties

From: An integrative knowledge graph for rare diseases, derived from the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD)

Data property Corresponding class Explanation
ConditionDoId, ConditionDoValue, ConditionMeshId, ContitionName, ConditionFdaUse, ConditionComment Condition • ConditionDoId: Mapped Disease Ontology ID;
• ConditionMeshId: Mapped MeSH ID
Categories, is_rare, name, synonyms, xrefs, Sign and symptom, Treatment, Diagnosis, etc.
GARD Rare Diseases • is_rare: An indicator of “RARE” disease;
• xrefs: mappings to other resources, including MONDO, Orphanet;
CompoundName, CompoundSmiles, CAS, UNII, OfflabelUseComment Drug  
ID, Label, URI, IAO_0000115 Gene • IAO_0000115: Definition of the concept
ID, IAO_0000115, Label, Synonym, uri,
Gene Symbol
Protein • IAO_0000115: Definition of the concept
• Id: Protein Ontology identifier
IAO_0000115, hasDbXref, hasRelatedSynonym, label uri Tissue • IAO_0000115: Definition of the concept
• hasDbXref: external references
hasDbXref, IAO_0000115
id, label, uri
Human Phenotype • Id: HPO identifier
Annotation properties and object properties are adopted from NCI Thesaurus Chemical