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Table 3 IDO Core definitions of infectious pathogens

From: The Infectious Disease Ontology in the age of COVID-19

IDO Core Term Definition
acellular structure Object consisting of an arrangement of interrelated acellular parts forming an acellular biological unit that is able to initiate replication of the structure in a host.
pathogenic disposition Disposition borne by a material entity to establish localization in or produce toxins that can be transmitted to an organism or acellular structure, either of which may form a disorder in the entity or in immunocompetent members of the entity’s species.
infectious disposition Pathogenic disposition borne by a pathogen to be transmitted to a host and then become part of an infection in that host or in immunocompetent members of the same species as the host.
establishment of localization in host Process in which a material entity reaches a site in or on a host in which it can survive, grow, multiply, or mature and establishes itself there.
process of establishing an infection Process by which an infectious agent or infectious structure, established in a host, becomes part of an infection in the host.
appearance of disorder Process through which a disorder comes into existence.