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Table 4 IDO Core transmission definitions

From: The Infectious Disease Ontology in the age of COVID-19

IDO Core Term Definition
pathogen transporter role Role borne by a material entity in or on which a pathogen is located, from which the pathogen may be transmitted to a new host.
pathogen vector role Pathogen transporter role that is borne by an organism active in the transfer of an infectious agent or infectious structure to an organism of another species in which it can realize its infectious disposition.
host role Role borne by an acellular structure containing a distinct material entity, or organism whose extended organism contains a distinct material entity, realized in use of that structure or organism as a site of reproduction or replication.
pathogen host role Host role borne by an organism having a pathogen as part of its extended organism.
symbiont host role Host role borne by an organism whose extended organism provides an environment supportive for the survival, growth, maturation, or reproduction of an object contained as a proper part.