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Table 10 External competency questions

From: An ontology network for Diabetes Mellitus in Mexico

Competency Question SPARQL Query Pseudo-code
What are the main education levels? PREFIX edu: < > PREFIX rdfs: < > List all the individuals ?x that belonging to each subclass of Education Level (edu:Escolaridad)
  SELECT ?x  
  WHERE {?ec rdfs:subClassOf edu:Escolaridad.  
  ?x a ?ec}  
What are the main categories a person may belong to? PREFIX rdfs: < > PREFIX per: < > SELECT ?category List the categories ?category in which the Person class (per:Persona) is divided (via rdfs:subClassOf)
  WHERE {?category rdfs:subClassOf per:Persona}  
What types of data are collected during clinical consultation? PREFIX dato: <http: // > PREFIX rdfs: <http: // > SELECT ?data ?range List the data ?data and the type-data ?range that compose (via rdfs:range) the medical note (dato:Nota_Medica)
  WHERE { ?data rdfs:domain dato:Nota_Medica. ?data rdfs:range ?range}  
What are the types of diagnosis? PREFIX rdfs: < > PREFIX enf: < > SELECT ?diagnosis List the diagnosis classification ?diagnosis in which is divided (rdf:subClassOf) the Clinical Entity class (enf:Enfermedad_Clinica)
  WHERE { ?diagnosis rdfs:subClassOf enf:Entidad_Clinica}