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Table 9 Competency questions from ontology network requirements

From: An ontology network for Diabetes Mellitus in Mexico

Competency Question SPARQL Query Pseudo-code
I) What is the weight of a patient? PREFIX dato: < > List all triplets (?patient, ?weight, ?date)
  PREFIX red: < > Where for the ?patient has a clinical record
  SELECT ?patient ?weight ?date ?x ?record (via dato:tieneExpedienteClinico),
  WHERE { ?patient red:tieneExpedienteClinico ?record. ?record has a medical note ?note (via
  ?record dato:tieneNotaMedica ?note. dato:tieneNotaMedica), ?note contains the
  ?note dato:tienePeso ?weight. wieght ?weight (via dato:tienePeso) and a
  ?note dato:tieneFecha ?date} registration date ?date (via dato:tieneFecha)
II) What is the ICD-10 code for T2DM? PREFIX enf: < > List the ICD-10 code ?icd10 of the T2DM individual linked via an annotation property
  PREFIX red: < > (red:ICD10).
  SELECT ?icd10  
  WHERE { enf:DiabetesMellitusTipo2 red:ICD10 ?icd10}  
III) What are the presentations of Insulin Lispro? PREFIX medi: < > List the different pharmaceutical forms ?form of the drugs ?x (via
  SELECT distinct ?form medi:tieneFormaFarmaceutica) that
  WHERE { ?x medi:tienePrincipioActivo medi:Insulina_Lispro. have the Insulin Lispro drug individual
  ?y medi:tienePrincipioActivoPorPorcion ?x. (medi:Insulina_Lispro) as API (via
  ?y medi:tieneFormaFarmaceutica ?form} medi:tienePrincipioActivo)
IV) Where the patient X is living? PREFIX red: < > List all pairs (?patient, ?place) Where for the
  SELECT ?patient ?place ?patient the ?place is linked to the ?patient
  WHERE { ?patient red:resideEn ?place} (via “red:resideEn”)