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Table 1 Abstract inclusion–exclusion criteria

From: PhenoDEF: a corpus for annotating sentences with information of phenotype definitions in biomedical literature

Searching Query [A phenotype of interest term] a AND electronic health record (code OR codes OR algorithma or "case definition" OR "phenotyping" OR "case identification" OR claim OR administrative)
Inclusion Criteria 1. Abstracts should satisfy each of the following: English, full text available, and original research
2. The primary source of data is electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR). Some accepted terms: Registry, administrative data
3. The article should use observational data (population-based, surveillance, or cohort/cases) either retrospectively or prospectively
4. Clearly describe a case definition or algorithm according to any of the following criteria: coding algorithms (SNOMED, ICD9/10, CPT, LOINC, RxNorm, UMLS, READ), laboratory, natural language processing (NLP), or inclusion and exclusion criteria
Exclusion Criteria 1. Review articles
2. Non-human studies
3. Nurses/practitioners as the primary population of the study
4. Not real-world data: e.g. simulation data
5. Tools, systems, or reporting systems that do not address phenotyping or description phenotype definition
  1. aSee Supplementary 1 for the list of ADE phenotypes of interest